"What color should I use to paint the walls?"

Is it a decision you keep putting off?



Here's what I regularly hear from my clients:

« I struggle to choose colors and coordinate them with the overall look I want »

« I’m afraid to commit to color and worried I might make the wrong choice… »

« I want to paint my living room but I don’t know where to start »

« I read countless paint decor blogs and still don't know what I want »

« I found a paint color I loved on Pinterest but once in my home, it didn’t look quite right… »

Is this your struggle too?

You want a home that feels cohesive and inviting but one trip to the paint chip aisle is instantly overwhelming.

Unable to decide, you call a salesperson to help you make your choice.

The problem? He knows nothing about your house and its finishes... So he won't really help you.
You're tired of wasting your time so you decide to trust yourself and you go with a beige that seems perfect.

Once home, you take your courage in both hands to paint these walls that you can no longer bear.
And voilà! Tired but you're finally done!

Unfortunately, the color doesn't look like the paint chip at all...

You thought you had bought a pure beige and you end up with a beige that leans towards green...
Poor quality paint?
Or maybe the light?
Not really…

In most cases, the culprit is the undertone...

What is an undertone?

Almost all colors are made by mixing two or more colors together.

That's why the color possibilities are endless and why there are literally unlimited paint color options.

The color you see first is the mass tone.

It's what tells you the color is beige, gray, green and so forth.

The underlying color is called the undertone.
The undertone can completely change the way the color (or mass tone) looks.

That's the reason why you may have found yourself staring at a freshly painted room and wondering where your color choice went wrong.

What if i choose a color without seeing its undertone?

If you pick a color with the wrong undertone, it will clash with your home’s existing finishes instead of meshing with it.

Some undertones just don't play well together.

So, the very first thing to do is to determine the undertone of the elements in your space that won’t be changing; like your flooring, tile, cabinets, furniture…

Without knowing how to recognize undertones, it's almost impossible to choose the right paint.

If you feel that:

You still lack clarity on how undertone works

The task seems too big to be done

You would be happy to get some help to get you started

And you want to create the perfect color scheme that will blend with your existing elements and make your whole space cohesive.

➽ Then I have an offer for you

The ultimate guide to choosing paint colors

Creating a cohesive home by understanding undertones

No extensive color theory instruction is needed to master paint color undertones.

You just need the right tools and a step-by-step process.

What's included in this guide:

Chapter 1: Color Theory

The basics of color theory for decorating so you can finally understand color and make decisions for your home.

Chapter 2: the undertones

Learn to identify all of them so you can choose colors that go with the existing fixtures in your home and say « Wow I nailed it ! ».

Chapter 3: your color scheme

An easy to follow step-by-step process for choosing the main colors for your walls and furnishings.

Chapter 4: your color palette

Convert your color scheme into real-life paint references, ready to decorate your home!

+ 4 worksheets

Receive ready-to-be-filled worksheets that will help you create your whole color palette for your home and will guide you throughout the journey.

By reading my e-book, you’ll get a better understanding of undertones and a step-by-step process to help you recognize them in your home.

You’ll save money. Because let’s face it: paint is expensive. That’s why you really want to get the color right the first time.

You’ll confidently choose colors that you know will look great together.

You’ll save time. Painting takes a lot of time to do and if you paint a room and realize that you don’t like it, you'll have lost hours.

Ready to create a timeless home you will love for years to come?

Imagine if you could...

Choose the right color every time without spending time in the paint store or scrolling the web for hours

Confidently coordinate colors and create a cohesive color scheme for your home

Know why a space feels off and the exact steps to take to fix it

Finally be able to enjoy a pretty and timeless home

Meet Mathilde

The author of the course « How to choose paint colors », Mathilde, is French and lives in the North East of France, not far from Normandy.

She graduated in Psychology and devoted several years of her life to it but she was always drawn to another field: Interior Design.

That’s why she created her blog Brocante Ma Jolie. She wanted to share her passion for decorating.

Mathilde knows that color is the main element for a space to work. That's why she wants to share her knowledge with you now, so you can finally get the home you'll love for years to come.

What is inside the guide?

• Chapter 1: Color Theory

The three effective ways to compare and describe color

What hue, tint, tone, shade and undertone mean and how understanding them can help you choose colors

How to combine colors

• Chapter 2: the undertones

A complete understanding of what an undertone is

The 14 undertones you need to know to avoid paint mistakes

A step by step process to identify undertones so you can choose the right beige, gray or white

The guidance to know why the room feels off and the exact steps to take to fix it

Chapter 3: your color scheme

The best place to start to create your color scheme

How to know wich is the correct color combination for your home

The 3 most important things to consider before choosing your neutrals and accent colors

Chapter 4: your color palette

The right order to paint so you don’t have to start over

How to narrow your paint choices

How to effectively test paint colors

Finally get your own color palette that perfectly suits your home

• helpful worksheets

4 worksheets that will help you create your color scheme and your color palette

All this for only $57

Your free bonus if you purchase now

The best neutral paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore with their undertones

↪ A helpful tool to narrow down your paint choices and eliminates the overwhelm in selecting colors

VALUE: $23

But you'll get it for free!

Ready to create a timeless home you will love for years to come ?

You're a good fit if...

You are building a house and you have to choose everything from finishes to paint

You have just bought a house and you plan to repaint everything

You simply want to give your house a facelift without redoing everything

You don't want to paint your house right away but you want to know more about colors and undertones

You're not a good fit if...

You want to be given a paint name that suits all situations (unfortunately, there is no such thing!)

You don't want to invest a few hours and do what it takes to enjoy a nice house to live in

You've got questions? I've got answers!

Will this help if I have an ugly area rug, dated oak cabinets, or brick or stone that I can't afford to replace right now?

Absolutely. One essential thing you’ll learn in this course is how to identify the undertones in those finishes, which in turn will help you choose wall colors and other finishes that will work with, not fight against, the finishes you can’t change.

How is this guide delivered?

All digital files will be delivered straight to your email so you can read them immediately or print them out.

I live outside the United States, can I still purchase it?

Absolutely! Since this is an online book, anyone with access to a computer can read it.

How long do I have access to the guide?

You have lifetime access and you’ll receive all possible updates for free.

Do I get any one-on-one decorating advice from Mathilde?

This is a self-study course. It does not include a community or email support (other than for technical issues).

Will I get a physical product mailed to me?

No, « How to choose paint colors » is a digital guide that you can print out at home or your local print shop.

What's your return policy or guarantee?

You have my 7-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason within 7 days you aren’t satisfied with this class, just let me know, and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Still have questions?

I'd be glad to answer them. Contact me here.

Ready to empower yourself to choose the right color every time?

Just complete the simple checkout process after clicking the button and your guide and bonus will be emailed to you just as soon as the internet fairies can drop them into your inbox!

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